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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 12 - What in your fridge?

Vegan MoFo Day 12 - What's in your fridge?

Here I go, continuing to disregard the suggested themes!

There are many intimate and vulnerable experiences in life. 

Some that come to mind: Letting someone read your diary. Showing someone your Hulu/Netflix watchlist. Letting people see inside your fridge. 

Really? Inside your fridge? I'm not sure why that feels so vulnerable and personal to me. Perhaps in part because the vegan community can be judgmental (often worse in regards to each other). Perhaps in part because of how hard I am on myself. Not sure entirely. 

Does it feel a bit scary to think about posting your fridge? Well, I'm diving in! Be kind. :) 

Hibiscus tea, lots of tofu, basil, Field Roast, hard cider,
carrot juice, plums, Miyokos and FYH cheese.

Spinach, apples, cashew yogurt, more tofu, apples, bagels.

Butter, cream cheese, chocolate, garlic, condiments,
Smartdogs for my pooches.
 Have you had the pesto Vegenaise? I love it! Really classes up a Tofurky and spinach sandwich.

Almond milk, peanut butter, lime lemon and orange juice, & beer.

There are lots of greens in the crisper too. I promise! Also cucumbers and a few green beans. So what do you think? Would you feel vulnerable showing the world the inside of your refrigerator? I'm a big fan of doing things I find scary (within reason). It's liberating! What do you do that scares you?
Ellie and her friend Max living their best life.


  1. It's so interesting to see inside other people's fridges -- what they have and how they organize everything -- and yours looks great! Cute pup friends!

    1. It's akin to looking in people's grocery carts which I like to do. :) Max is awesome and he doesn't kowtow to societies gender norms!

  2. ;) thanks for sharing ! Ellie and Max are living the life! And as "refrigerator friends" you get to explore my mix of vegan and non vegan items next time we hang out at my place in Salem!