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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 26 - Coos Bay

Vegan MoFo Day 26 - Coos Bay

Oregon is an amazing state. Portland gets the most accolades, but the whole state has so much to offer. We have high desert, rocky coasts, mountains, painted hills, and more hiking and waterfalls than I think you could see in your lifetime. 

The first two years I lived in Oregon I lived in Coos Bay. This is a small town which borders North Bend - another small town. You can barely tell when you cross from one town to the other. All told they have roughly 25k residents. It used to be a big logging and fishing town, but the economy has dropped off in both those areas. But if you find yourself in Oregon with time to drive 4 hours away from Portland, I highly recommend a visit to the South coast including Coos Bay. Better yet, make a weekend out of it and drive down the 101. 
Simpson Reef - saw orca the first time I went here!
In addition to the beautiful scenery, you will find a surprise - a vegan restaurant! Originally opened in Coos Bay, but about a year later The Tin Thistle Cafe relocated to North Bend (to me they should pool their resources and be one town). The atmosphere is lovely and the food is tasty! And it's all vegan and made with love by owner and chef Paula. Open Tues-Sat from 11-4 it's a great lunch spot. I used to get take out all the time when I lived there. Now I make it a point to swing by when I'm in town. 

The food is fresh and the desserts are made from scratch. Pie anyone? I usually have either the housemate veggie burger or a pasty (pass - tee). This is a savory pastry pocket with different fillings tucked in. So yummy!

Vegan burger w/sweet potato fries. 

Pasty w/side of potato salad.

Pasty w/side of mac uncheese and mango lassi.

Pasty w/gravy and green salad w/ranch.

Cookies for dessert!
I don't know why I don't have any pie pics! Sorry I can't taunt you with them! 

When I eat out I like to have dishes I wouldn't normally have at home. Pasties definitely fit the bill!

My apartment in Coos Bay had the most amazing view of the bay and the McCoullough Bridge. One weekend the tall ships (think Black Pearl from Pirates of the Caribbean) were in town and I got to watch the ships maneuver complete with cannon fire! 

Hard to imagine what it was like before the bridge when people had to take the ferry. I leave you with some pics of my former view. 


Sunny day

Foggy day

Sunset with low fog rolling in. No filter.


  1. The pasties sound so fun, and I love the photos at the end, how beautiful!

  2. It is so beautiful there! Miss the Tin Thistle, thanks for introducing me to a great Vegan spot!

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