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Monday, September 10, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 10 - Cornbread Cafe in Eugene

Vegan MoFo Day 10 - Cornbread Cafe in Eugene

I took yesterday off blogging! I looked at the guidelines again and our goal is 20 posts this month. I was really tired this weekend and got caught up on a lot of sleep - so no post Sunday. 

The first restaurant I ever dined at in Oregon remains one of my favorites. When I flew out here for my initial job interview I was supposed to fly directly to the coastal town of Coos Bay. But after missing a connection due to mechanical problems and then missing my rebook because I was helping with a medical emergency at the San Francisco airport, I instead flew into Eugene two hours away. Eating a delicious vegan meal within 30 minutes of landing sure didn't make me hate Oregon. 

An adorable old school diner, Cornbread Cafe is all vegan and focuses on comfort food. Warning - if you're allergic to cashews you can still eat here, but several things will be off limits to you. You can dine here for breakfast, weekend brunches, lunch and dinner (except Sunday). Lots of delectable options. Some of my friends feel the food is too greasy or heavy here, but I wonder if we order different things. I don't usually get anything fried. I leave feeling full, but not that icky full feeling. 

Sometimes it's sunny in Oregon. 
Even the menu is cute!

I am such a fan of their French toast!
BBQ seitan, mac uncheese, potatoes and cashew gravy, cornbread.
Strawberry milkshake with cashew ice cream. 
Shaded outdoor seating.
Maple bacon cupcake. 
Lots of desserts including gluten free options!

I'm originally from Louisiana and I can vouch that the cornbread here is legit! So yummy! The recipe is in a cookbook - I think it's the Happy Cow cookbook. I haven't tried making it yet though. Have you? 

I've eaten at Cornbread Cafe many times since moving to Oregon, but that first time is still special. After being in airports all day I stuffed myself on vegan comfort goodness and I remember thinking, Oregon might be good. Then I drove a rental car the 2 hours to Coos Bay. It was one of the most gorgeous scenic drives I've ever done and I passed park after park. So many trails, campgrounds and such. I fell in love with Oregon. There is no place like it. I hope if you come visit you will get a chance to explore more than just Portland!

Drift Creek Falls


  1. Cornbread Cafe sounds awesome; I'd definitely love to try the BBQ seitan plate! And Drift Creek Falls looks beautiful!

  2. Oh yum the food looks so good!!!!!!!