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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 18 - It's alive!

Vegan MoFo Day 18 - It's alive!

Ugh, I really got derailed by that illness. Several days of fevers will do that to a being. I'm still tired, but feeling much better. I even went back to work yesterday! On the plus side I'm completely caught up on Call the Midwife. If you're already congested and sniffing, you might as well watch a few episodes, right? That show makes me cry! 

I've missed posting! Weird, but true. 

Sunday I hadn't been anywhere in days and was feeling very stir crazy. So I headed down to Salem to meet a friend for brunch and run some errands. I needed produce!

Salem has some veg friendly places and I already did a post about Venti's. But to my knowledge it only has one all vegan eatery. The Space! The Space is a combo restaurant and music venue. I really like the DIY vibe of the place as it reminds me so much of Durham. They do weekend brunch and dinner every night. Most nights they have live music or other events happening. Their prices are very reasonable for food or drinks. And don't forget - all vegan!! 

I have enjoyed their satay tofu wrap, tater tots (nice and salty), and their bowls. But as you may notice, I have a real love for brunch - and waffles!

Located on Edgewater in Salem, OR
Tasty treats thru this doorway!
After you go in this door, you go down a hallway, then thru a door to the outside and down a flight of stairs. Then you have officially arrived! They have both indoor and outdoor seating. And games available to play after you eat.

Brunch menu not including specials
I love a soy chai!
My friends Julie and Charlie got the loaded tater tots.
Greens make them healthy, right?
I went for the sweet waffle - loaded with black and blue berries!
I really just love a good waffle. Why don't I have a waffle maker? Because I can go places like this, enjoy a waffle, and do no clean up! Also featured here are the chickpea sausages. Very tasty! I do wish they had some tempeh bacon, but this sausage will do! And I don't know what whipped cream they use, but I really like it!

They also feature a savory waffle and had a Hollandaise burger on special that sounded yum.

These black and blue berry donuts had to
come home with me. 
Life Source haul.
After a tasty brunch and visiting with friends, I decided to stop by Life Source for the first time. Life Source is a locally owned natural foods store. I got some great finds! Their local kale was only $1.50 a bunch on sale! I also got some fresh made green juice and very tasty red grapes.

Vegan almond and peanut butter cups.
Then I couldn't help myself. These almond and peanut butter cups were super marked down and a bag of each came home with me. Have you tried these? So yummy!

After Life Source, I picked up a couple things at Trader Joe's. The employees at TJ's are always so nice! When I was checking out the cashier asked if I was having a good day. When I said yes, he asked what I'd been up to so far. I told him I'd been to The Space to have brunch. "Space?!?", he exclaimed. I said yes as I'm very good friends with Elon Musk. We had a chuckle and as I was explaining what The Space was another cashier overheard and said he really liked it there. Another asked what kind of food they had. They said they were both interested to try it. And no spaceship required!

I love this kind of informal activism. If I see someone uncertainly looking at the vegan deli slices for example, I'll see if they would like any suggestions. Everything we can do to reach out and normalize vegan foods - the better!

As a healthcare professional, I really can't get
behind these bumpy gourds. 
Hopefully I can stay on track with posting now. We are over halfway thru Vegan MoFo already! Have you checked out the other blogs? Some really great posts! Here's a link to the Week 2 Roundup! Any favorites I should check out? 

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  1. Glad you're back and feeling better! The Space sounds amazing; I would love to get the loaded tater tots!