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Monday, September 3, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 3 - Salad Time

Vegan MoFo 2018 - Salad Time

VeganMoFo has done a great job of providing theme prompts and ideas for posting. I plan to follow some, but likely will mostly do my own thing. Partly because I procrastinate instead of planning! 

I'm new to blogging. I've mainly blogged in the past to share with my friends my trip to St Vincent and the Grenadines where I spent the last 5 weeks of my residency. Those posts are still up and there are some about eating vegan in a small island country. Check them out if you like! 

But being pretty inexperienced at blogging I didn't even add the subscribe links (top right column) until I was looking over the blog for Vegan Mofo. So thanks for being kind! I do welcome any tips or constructive feedback!

One of the suggested themes for this week is inspiration. I don't know what could be more inspiring than fresh, local produce. Nothing beats a fresh tomato right now. Especially if you grow it yourself. I just bought my house in the winter and didn't feel prepared to get a garden in the ground by Spring, so I did container gardening again this year. So easy and no weeding! 

Hazel supervises early planting.
I kept buying more containers. It was addictive!
First strawberry harvest, 2 plants are still producing 4 months later. 
I bought these lettuce starts and they thrived! Ate off them a couple months.
Tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, cucumbers, strawberries, and more!
I always plant marigolds to keep aphids away. 

Regular and chocolate mint.
Early tomato harvest - plus one yellow cuke!
Plant a variety of tomatoes to get more flavors and prolong harvesting!
Many people think all vegans eat is salad. And that is FAR from true. But I'm not going to lie. I love a good salad with some fresh summer produce. And when you grew it somehow it tastes even better!

One of my favorite simple meals is to prep a fresh salad with whatever veggies I have on hand. Then I press some firm or extra firm tofu (I have a tofu presser and love it) and dice it into small squares. On a hot skillet I spray a small amount of oil using a pump. Then I sprinkle herbs directly onto it - whatever you like works, but I usually use an Italian herb blend. Put the tofu in the pan, then sprinkle more herbs on the top. Sauté while rotating so several sides of the tofu get brown. I usually put half of the tofu block on my salad warm and then eat the rest the next day cold. I love it either way.

My dogs love tofu!
I often make my own dressing, but keep some on hand for when I'm feeling lazy. 
Sorry Hazel - all gone!
Many of my tomatoes never even made it in the house. Most of the sungolds and black cherry tomatoes I ate while standing next to the plant! There are so delicious while warm from the sun!

You can container garden on a patio or even just put some basil in your window. Do you garden or have a small space you could add some containers? Now is the time to plant for fall and winter gardens! Many greens do great late into the year. 

Stick tug of war!


  1. You're containers did great, as did the lettuce that you uprooted and brought to dinner at my place. It's now going to seed in my garden. I'm really amazed at how much food a person can grow in a small space!

    1. You should be doing a blog about your garden. It is impressive what one can grow!

  2. BTW, that salad looks great. Think I'll try your tofu method. Looks good and I have lots of fresh herbs right now.

  3. Replies
    1. I put off getting one for a long time but am so glad I did. The paper towel, plates and cans method was getting old!

  4. I'm really impressed by your container garden, and that looks like a great salad!