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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Vegan MoFo Day 19 - Vegan Mini-mall

Vegan MoFo Day 19 - Vegan Mini-mall

Portland, Oregon is a vegan mecca. Everyone knows it. But did you know Portland has a vegan mini-mall? 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if vegans took over a block? A magical place where you could buy cool vegan clothing and accessories. Then pop in to the vegan grocery store to purchase the latest nondairy cheeses and tasty snacks. Feeling peckish? Then stop into Sweetpea Baking for a cup of joe (or chai) and a tempeh BLT. Finally last stop - memorialize your outing with a vegan tattoo at Scapegoat. Didn't realize not all tattoos are vegan? It's true! 

I headed into Portland yesterday (about an hour drive) to get my hair done at Akemi which uses all cruelty free products. I met my new stylist Bri and she's vegan! Yay! This made up for my morning experience where my massage therapist mentioned having 20 of her chickens 'processed' that weren't laying. Ugh. 

Anyway, before my hair appointment I stopped by The Herbivore Clothing Company (now with shoes) and Food Fight! Grocery at the vegan mini-mall. I like to pop by now and again and leave all my disposable income for them. 

I've loved Herbivore designs for years after discovering them at an Animal Rights conference in DC. One of the perks of moving to Oregon was shopping in the store instead of ordering online or waiting for them to come to a festival near me.  Owners Michelle and Josh have always struck me as authentically good people. And they do a lot for the community. I return the favor by shopping and more shopping. 

Herbivore recently added shoes!
Have to check this book out. Might be a sneaky way
to get veg foods in kid's diets.  
I have so many of Herbivore's shirts, but I had to have this reboot of one of their classic designs - Praise Seitan! And I loved the cut of this 'The world used to be cooler. Fight climate change. Go vegan.' tank top.  Yes, they can put all those words on a shirt and make it look good!
Probably my new favorite socks!
If you're a NW Veg member you get a 10% discount so basically my socks were free. How did I go through my life before without root veggie socks??

Next I popped over to Food Fight! mainly to get some dog treats. I use their vegan jerky as a high value treat for my girls. 
Back row: 2 bags dog treats, produce bags, pita bread, Uptons bacon mac, 1 bag dog treats
Middle row: 2 hazelnut cups, pretzel buns, Cocomels salted caramels
Front row: BBQ jerky, Violife feta and mozzarella cheeses
I put all this on my stove for the photo op. That's safe, right? 😳

So Food Fight! is not where I go to get produce as you can see. They do have a small produce section. But did you see my cart of greens from yesterday's post? I'm covered for now!

Have you had the Uptons mac? I've been wanting to try it since I saw it in Chicago in March. I went to the Uptons factory and ate at their cafe. So yummy! If you like caramels, these Cocomels are a game changer!

Food Fight! does a lot to support the local community and each month they feature a nonprofit you can leave a tip for when you pay. Such a great idea! They also do a 10% day for the featured nonprofit.
Sunset at Bye and Bye
After shopping and getting my hair done, I went out to dinner. For now I'll share this sunset as I dined, but I'll post about dinner another time. 

Tomorrow it's back to healthy recipe time!


  1. Ah, that mall is the place of my dreams! And I'm very jealous of those root veg socks!

  2. Those socks are so cute, and the pretzel buns sound fun!