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Thursday, September 6, 2018

Vegan Mofo Day 6 - Lazy Pasta

Vegan MoFo Day 5 - Lazy Pasta

Reflecting on my MoFo posts so far, I realize my blog should be called The Lazy Vegan. Or perhaps Too Fast, Too Furious (at the Animal Industrial Complex)? 

I do have plans for more in depth posts with fancier recipes that actually require chopping veggies and even some health info (I am the vegan NP, right?), but this easy meal is brought to you mostly courtesy of Trader Joe's. Well, courtesy of me, but mostly purchased at Trader Joe's. :)

TJ's has so many vegan options! They even post a comprehensive list online of said options! What could be easier? I still read the ingredient lists though - old habits die hard.  

Fusilli pasta, beef-less ground, sauce, fresh basil

I recommend fusilli pasta not just because it gives you a Seinfeld reference (Fusilli Jerry, It was one in a million, doc!), but because it holds onto the sauce well. You could do this as a one pot meal by making the pasta, draining and then adding sauce and grounds to the pot and heating, but it will taste better if you let the sauce simmer a bit with the grounds. Still an easy meal with simple clean up!

Mild flavor

Ta da! In just a few minutes - dinner!
I've been eating a lot of bean pasta lately, so whole wheat pasta has become like junk food to me. Tasty and a bit decadent! I remember when I thought whole wheat pasta was mealy and gross. Or maybe it was and they just make it better now? 

What's your go to easy meal? Any healthier options you now crave? 

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