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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Vegan Mofo Day 5 - Waffles

Vegan Mofo Day 5 - Waffles

Does anyone talk about food as much as vegans? Does anyone anticipate food as much as vegans? I know there are a lot of foodies out there, but vegans are the only ones I know that constantly drool over future meals, tell others about meals or new food products like they are a hot new band, and talk about past and future meals while eating current meals. We get so excited! With good reason I think, because vegan food is amazing. 

Recently my friend Martha was in town for a few days. We headed up to Portland for brunch one morning at Off the Griddle. This is one of my favorite brunch places - I haven't eaten there for dinner yet. They have these awesome blue corn waffles. Their menu is mostly vegan and all vegetarian. 

Martha and I arrive about an hour after opening and to our horror there is a wait! Of course it's brunch and we should have expected that. I knew it would be worth the wait. So we found a shady spot to wait outside for about 30-40 minutes and finally get seated. I want to order everything on the menu!

Yep, just like that Ernie.

Then the most torturous part - waiting for your food. Every time waitstaff walks by you are looking at the plates wondering if it's your food! We joked about it being like insects with their feelers out. MMM, what are they eating over there? MMM, is that mine? I feel like Dan Pirarro needs to do a comic about this feeling. I cannot do it justice in text. But picture me wiggling my fingers below my chin like feelers or tentacles. Like Zoidberg from Futurama!

Finally when we are about to lose it and start eating other people's food or flipping tables over (just kidding!), our food arrives! Crisis averted! It wasn't that long of a wait, but we were just so excited. nomnom!
Martha's waffle - can't remember which one she got. 
Tempeh bacon
Pumpkin cheesecake waffle with hazelnuts
Housemade sausage
Tofu scramble
It was all amazing and as expected worth the wait! I always get the pumpkin cheesecake waffle. It's not overly sweet like you might expect. And the abundant hazelnuts really take it next level!

After brunch we rushed to Newberg to go to Wildwood Farm Sanctuary's Barnyard Bingo Fundraiser. I didn't take many pictures, but this was my second time at this fun event. The animals wander around while we play bingo and pretty much everyone wins! Especially the animals since it's a fundraiser for their upkeep!

V-Dog vegan dog food was there and I picked up a treat sampler and some snazzy bandanas for the girls! Don't they look stylish? 
Hazel says, 'where are my waffles?'
Plant powered Ellie!
Do you talk about food constantly? Do you describe other meals while eating a current meal? Or is it just me and my vegan friends? Do we have a problem? Is there a support group? If so, what are they serving at the meetings? :)


  1. I can't with that pumpkin cheesecake waffle! It looks too amazing!

    1. It is the bomb! I'm glad I live an hour away or I'd eat it every week!

  2. I definitely think about, write about, talk about food a LOT. But I feel like I'm in a semi-secret club that performs rites of magic or something, and it's an adventure more than my omnivore days were--even though back then I was really into food, too. Vegan food is just FUN for me somehow.

    1. I agree - it is fun! And most vegans I know eat more varied diets than they ever did eating animal products. The great thing about this semi-secret club is that we want everyone to join and add that zest to their life. :)

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  4. I was blown away by the menu at Off the Griddle. I think I ordered three breakfast entrees and some sides. It's possible that I ate most of it. And yes, food talk, all the time. But I was always that way. The girls are rockin' the green!

  5. Everything looks amazing, but the pumpkin cheesecake waffle looks especially delicious! That's great that you got to visit with the sanctuary animals, too!