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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Walking and coconuts

Thursday, April 2

Thursday morning I was to go to clinic here in Bequia for a half day. However I think my dehydration finally caught up with me. It has been so difficult to get and stay hydrated. The water on the mainland is really good and comes from the mountains. It is safe to drink from the tap. Here in Bequia everyone has one or more large rain barrels and the water for drinking, bathing, etc comes from what rain rolls from your roof into your barrel. The locals drink the water with no problem. We have been using it to brush our teeth, wash dishes and such, but boil it and then cool it before drinking.

Both places it has been difficult to consume enough water. I sweat so much that I just can't catch up. Wednesday night, my first in Bequia, the fan in my room didn't blow air more than 6 inches in front of it. And the room I am in is like an oven - it has no window. So I lay in bed sweating all night. By morning I was miserable and had a migraine. So I stayed home from clinic (not like I had a choice, I couldn't even sit up) and rested. 

Later that afternoon Shamin was back from clinic and I was feeling better, so we went for a walk around town and to the store. We decided to get some popsicles, some pens (for some reason we brought only 1 apiece - bad nurses!), some beer, lettuce greens and bananas. We also stopped and got a young coconut to drink. I know I needed the electrolytes! For $3 EC the man at the market cut an opening and gave us a tube (straw). It was so immature that there was almost no coconut flesh and chock full of water. So yummy! 

Time for a coconut break!

Boat painted the colors of the SVG flag

Coconuts in hand, we walked around to see the stores in the little shopping district. It's small, but there are a few clothing stores (very expensive!) and some stands with jewelry and other items. The lady in the batik store got upset we had our coconuts and instead of just asking us not to bring them in, she was rather loud. We didn't need any batik anyway! :)

On the way home we decided to try a different route up the hill. It seemed like the roads would cross back over to the side we needed and a couple locals confirmed they did. They did not. We walked and walked and walked - all up hills! Steep would be an understatement in many places. If I don't leave SVG with amazing quads, it will not be my fault! 

All the extra walking did give us a full tour of the town and some amazing views.

We didn't have a reservation.

Cricket field in the distance

We were so high we got this view of right as the sun dipped into the horizon.

We rounded out the day with dinner at home. I made myself a 3 banana, pineapple, soy milk smoothie in an attempt to rehydrate. And good news - I actually had to get up at 8am to pee! 

Next post - the turtle sanctuary!


  1. It must be very difficult getting rest and being productive when you're up when it's so hot. Sorry that hydration is a challenge. Did you ship your Vitamix to blend drinks or does your apartment have a blender? I didn't see your turtle sanctuary post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. No vitamix and my apartment doesn't have a blender. My classmate Shamin has a small blender at her apartment that I can use when I visit, but it's a long trip by ferry. I have posted the turtle sanctuary pics! I hadn't published that post when you commented. I hope you enjoy the pics!

  2. I did - it's so neat that you got to go to a turtle sanctuary. And it's so kind that you shared so that we could see it.